Which is the best investment ?

Which is the best investment ? Which investment is best for me ? Where to invest ?
Today, Most of us fail to make choices whenever want to invest , in the absence of the right information. We will talk – how to make the best investment, which investment is the best?
“Investment is like a path, not a goal, and we can choose the right path only when we know the goal. So first of all, we should know our investment target”.
We all have different needs, we all have different goals of life,
Therefore, the investment that is right for me, is not necessarily good for you, in this way the purpose behind the investment, determines which investment is good for us.
If you want to understand which investment is good for you, then you have to ask yourself some questions and you also have to answer, those questions are –

Investment reasons

Why do you want to invest?
If we do not know how much money we want to earn by investing, then we will never be able to make the best investment, just as if we do not know where to go, then we will not be able to choose the right path, first of all know that you Why do you want to invest, which of your financial goals do you want to invest, that is, decide how much money you want to make from investment.

Investment amount

How much money do you have to invest ?
It is important to understand that how much money we have for investing, so that we can invest it better, there may be different means to achieve the same goal, it all depends which path we choose, we have to see how much it going to cost and do we have that much money or not? For example, to go to Kolkatta from Delhi, one can go by train, car, and flight, but now which of these options is good for you, it depends on how much money you have and affordability.

Investment Risk

How much risk can you take on your investment?
Now in the next step according to your expected ROI , you also have to decide how much risk to take on the investment , so that you can choose the best investment.

Keep Yourself Updated.

How much investment related information do you have? And how much time do you want to spend to learn investing?
This question is also important, because there are a lot of different investment options and new options also come, in such a situation, we have to understand new investment options, for some investment options like a fixed deposit in a bank, you just have to fill the form, whereas in stock market investing you have to understand basics Fundamentals analysis and technical analysis, you have to learn money management along with investment plan, you have to learn a lot for the best investment, so keep in mind how much time you can give to learn.
If you able to write the correct answers to these questions, then after a little thought you will be able to understand which investment is best for you.
“Long term means all investment classes give good returns in the long term, whether it is gold, real estate or stock market or mutual funds”.
After deciding your investment goal it becomes very easy to understand the best investment “

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