Core Principles of Value investing.

Value investing focuses on buying stocks of strong companies and keeping them for a long time. Let us know the basics of value investing and understand how patient, hard working investors succeed in it.

How to select individual stocks.

If you are a new investor, you can start by investing in index funds or mutual funds. This will keep your portfolio diversified and reduce risk while learning more about the stock market.
When investing in individual stocks to a new investor, it is suggested that you allocate more than 10 percent of your portfolio to individual stock picking.
Always keep reading and keep studying about the market. This will prove you are an experienced investor and choose individual stocks.

Most people do not invest because
• They do not keep enough about stocks
• Stocks are risky.

Our society today is centered around technology, which is changing rapidly. Our quick decisions have been expedited. It also means that we want to earn money fast and within short span of time from our investment.

In this post I will show you a different way to invest in stocks, a method that focuses on knowing and understanding the company you are investing in. A method that aims to reduce risk.

What is Value Investment?

Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.

Value investing focuses on investing in a quality company that is undervalued. Investors make these decisions based on robust fundamental analysis.
This is an investment in which a buy-and-hold strategy is adopted. It pays attention to market regression for current events and which companies pay dividends. This leaves some companies without evaluation based on their long-term progress potential.
Wise investors conduct a complete and thorough analysis before any. By doing this they will be able to secure their investment and get stable returns.
They focus on pricing. It is the effort of the wise investor to buy the stock at a price lower than its intrinsic value.
The intrinsic value is how you assess the company based on your fundamental analysis. In other words, forget what everyone else is saying.
Wise investors seek a margin of safety before purchasing a stock. This means that it holds a great upside potential and the earning would grow company grows.

Three Principles of Value Investing

1. Do thorough research
Before buying any stock, extract the information related to the company to analyze and understand the company in which you are investing.
for example
• its longevity & innovations.
• Its Business Principles
• its financial structure
• its management
Value investing focuses on companies that consistently pay dividends that reflect the company’s maturity. Wise investors always look at the company’s short-term earnings as well as the past.

2. Variety
Ever hear the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, the same applies to value investing.
There are many different types of investments in a portfolio of intelligent investors. Which diversifies their investment and avoids serious losses.
See safe and stable returns

3. Look for stocks that meet your individual needs.


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